I am a woman in change…. after a 37 year successful career in the insurance industry and owning my own business for most of those years I am completely changing my life and I am now a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and I am also certified as a “Youth Nutritionist” with the AFPA (American Fitness Professionals & Associates).

I want to teach adults and youth how important good nutrition is for our body and that you can heal your body from the many health issues and chronic illness that plague us.  My focus will be with obesity/weight management, Type 2 Diabetes, digestive and heart disease.


I am also a bit disheartened by what I am learning about the politics of nutrition, specifically is what we are told that is not true about the food we eat.

Why do we believe our government entities that are tied to the FDA, USDA and the drug companies that are making billions and billions of dollars each year producing drugs that are making us more sick!!! When it comes to the food we eat, garbage in/garbage out, which means cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and all the other digestive diseases and auto immune diseases that are becoming so predominant.

I also feel so strongly that we need to connect our traditional Doctors with thinking outside the box, (and not just center their practice around what they are taught at their conferences that are sponsored by the major Drug Corporations promoting their drugs) its not just about prescribing the pill which only alleviates the symptoms but does not cure the ailment. It is proven that proper nutrition DOES cure serious medical conditions.

Therefore, if our Doctors worked with Nutrionists and Alternative Medicine Professionals, imagine the change moving forward with the well being of their patients. Not to mention the affect on our health care system that is falling apart!

Can you tell I am passionate about this? I am constantly reading and studying new books on Nutrition to further my education and knowledge.  I recently attended the Sedona VegFest, a plant based nutrition conference, and heard many great speakers including one of my favorites, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn from the Cleveland Clinic.  He wrote a great book called “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease,” he has proven you can do it with diet and proper nutrition!

I will continue to blog and share new information about nutritional tips for a better life.