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“I am a 75 year old Estate Planning Attorney and I came to Stormi with long term chronic fatigue, joint and body aches and lack of mental focus that were all really affecting my life.  Stormi recommended that I try giving up wheat for 30 days to see how it felt with my body. I called her 2 weeks later and was totally amazed with the results that quickly. My energy had come back, I had full mental clarity and no more aches and pains!  I am no longer eating wheat and continue to feel great.” ~ Sherron


Daniel, a 12 year old came to me this past Summer as he had gained 7 pounds during Summer and wanted to get it off before he started Junior High. He had been sitting around playing video games and eating not so healthy food. I put him on a strict diet of primarily fruits and vegetables (smoothie every morning) no soda’s, sugar or processed foods and lots of water. Limited meat intake, primarily fish. And some form of exercise every day for 30 minutes minimum. Lots of walking, swimming and hiking. He lost the 7 pounds within 6 weeks and an extra pound a week later and was thrilled. He felt good and had more energy as well.


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